According to The Information, 77% of creators depend on sponsorships. We’re here to keep things running smoothly. 

We believe that our audience’s trust is the most important asset we have. That’s why we partner with highly reputable sponsors like Brilliant and Skillshare, ensuring that our creators are only promoting products and services they really believe in.

Our sponsor relationships are built on trust and data. We only work with companies who share performance data and work with our creators over the long term, exchanging data and fussing over analytics with our data science team to treat each sponsorship like an experiment and tune performance with every video, increasing the value to the sponsor and, as a result, the rates the creators get paid.

Data transparency is key. Every metric we see, the creators see. And our commission is the same on every deal for every creator: 20% of any video sponsorship over $800, or any podcast sponsorship over $400.

Some of our sponsors


One neat thing about a bunch of creators working together is that it’s easier to get attention from interesting players, and that collective power creates a stronger negotiating position to build partnerships that make sense and — more importantly — last.


Karat is the charge card for digital creators. Their philosophy is simple: being a creator is complicated and old-school banks can’t be counted on to understand or support influencers and content creators, so someone needs to be there to help. We love their vision so much we invested in their Series A, and now Nebula creators get the absolute best possible card terms.

Earthworks Audio

We know that nothing makes a video look worse than bad audio. That’s why we’ve partnered with the engineering geniuses at Earthworks to equip every Nebula creator with a professional-grade studio microphone. Best of all? Each microphone comes laser-engraved with the creator’s logo.

Getty Images

Getty is the world’s most comprehensive collection of digital video clips and stock images. We buy in bulk, so our creators get a very low price for Getty assets. How low? So low that our pricing is under NDA.

Epidemic Sounds​

Not everyone is a composer, but music is still a very important facet of production value. That’s why every Nebula creator gets a free Epidemic account for stock music.

Reuters Connect

One of the most comprehensive collections of news footage and archive clips in the world, Reuters Connect is an indispensable tool for anyone working in online video. Nebula creators get access to the Reuters video archive for free.

GEOlayers and MapTiler

Maps are so popular in our creators’ videos that we made a special arrangement with the teams behind GEOLayers and MapTiler to provide our creators with free access to the popular After Effects plugin and tile library. Nothing helps drive a point home like a beautifully-rendered animated map.


To make a video come alive, the secret is great sound design. Pro Sound Effects is the industry giant for sound effects. To help give their work that extra layer of magic, every Nebula creator gets a free SoundQ subscription.

Rocket Lawyer​

Running a YouTube channel is a business. You should have an LLC, file for trademarks, and make sure that your contracts are being reviewed by smart lawyers. We provide free Rocket Lawyer accounts to every one of our creators.


Selling things is about more than putting your name on a t-shirt. 

We work with our creators on everything from conceptualization and design to fulfillment and product support. We’ve made custom pins and coffee mugs, hyper-specific engineering notebooks, plush animals, Rubik’s Cubes, trading cards, and, yeah, even t-shirts.

Creator branding

Your brand is your calling card. Your logo, your color palette, and even your typography choices help your audience spot you in the crowd.

These choices can define your trajectory, and we believe so strongly in the value of this investment that our world-class design team provides free branding services to every one of our creators.

Here’s just a few examples of our work:


Independence doesn’t have to mean working alone. We’ve assembled a world-class team of editors, motion graphics artists, sound engineers, and other production experts to create Nebula Studios, and our creators have access to the full team at pass-through rates.

Better yet, we give every Nebula creator up to 40 hours of our team’s time for free, to make sure we’re the right fit and to provide a safety net if a video is running behind schedule.

The streaming platform built and owned by creators

We love YouTube, but we wanted to have a home we could call our own.

We built our own streaming video and podcast platform, a place where we can play and experiment, offer extended editions and bonus content, create entirely new properties, or integrate physical products or experiences. Our little experiment has been tremendously successful, and is growing quickly.

We knew that this would only work if the project was creator-owned, which is why Nebula is built as a partnership with our creators. Fifty-fifty. We split the profits every month (based on watch time), and if we ever decide to sell it, half of the sale price goes to the creators.

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